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Facility Management 1 assist with all aspects of managing a commercial facility, and can play an essential role in daily operations. We understand how commercial buildings function and the challenges faced by owners to protect their assets and ensure they are managed correctly.

  • Understand the need for quick turnaround of service
  • Minimal delay
  • Low down time
  • Quality assurance and delivery

Each site differs in the systems used onsite. FM1 conduct extensive assessments to gain the greatest understanding of your asset to construct an integrated systematic approach to ongoing maintenance and increase in overall performance.

If you are a Commercial Facility owner looking for a facility management company to work in partnership with, Facility Management 1 aims to deliver a clear, superior and sustainable facility management strategy and service direct to our clients.

Case Studies

Water Ingress is an enormous problem faced by many commercial buildings today. Some buildings literally leak like a sieve. FM1 is unrelenting in examining the cause and effect of the damage.

In taking on a new client, FM1 needed to immediately address an ongoing water leakage problem in the basement carpark. Through discovery, the waterproof membrane had failed due to non-compliance back to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Due to a lack of communication with the gardener, fertiliser was being used on the garden beds, immediately voiding the warranty of the membrane. FM1 replaced the membrane, ensuring the manufacturers recommendations were adhered to and understood by all relevant parties. This saved the client significant costs in preventing further water damage.

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